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    Media-Based Anti Crime Efforts

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    Review the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign Web site at
    http://www.ncpc.org/media/current.php Spend some time examining the print, television, and Internet public service announcements.
    Review Court TV's Choices and Consequences public service initiative at
    http://www.courttv.com/choices/. Explore the About Us page.
    Review America's Most Wanted Web site at http://www.amw.com/

    Provide a 75-100 word response to each of these questions:
    Based on your review of crime-fighting organizations like the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign and Court TV's Choices and Consequences program, do you think these programs effectively deter crime? Explain.
    Does using the media to deter crime unduly increase society's fear of crime? Why or why not?
    The show America's Most Wanted is owned by a prominent television network. Does using the media to deter crime conflict with the media's financial interests in reporting crime? Explain.

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    These programs do not deter those people who do not think about the consequences of the crime before committing it. Most people who commit crime do not think of the consequences so these programs are not going to have much of an effect on them. However, it may deter crime by making the potential victims smarter and alert them to avoiding being the ...