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Local Crime Prevention Survey

You have been hired to help your city council in an effort to improve crime prevention methods within your community.

*Construct a ten question survey on the community's feelings about local crime prevention efforts.

*Respond to these questions:
1. How will you choose the sample of survey respondents from the community?
2. If you change one property within your sample population, how might this affect your results?
3. What problems may arise that may compromise the validity of your research?

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Ten question survey on the communities feeling about local crime prevention:
Please rate on a five point scale from Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Disagree and Strongly Disagree:
1. The community has taken strong steps to prevent crime:
2. Strong steps have been taken to prevent family based crime;
3. Steps have been taken to prevent school based crime:
4. Anti ...

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This posting discusses the survey of local crime prevention efforts. In addition, it constructs a ten question survey on community feelings