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    PAL program for crime prevention.

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    Case Scenario: Establishing a Police Athletic League (PAL) Program

    Many complaints have been made to the police department about an escalation in juvenile delinquency, primarily vandalism and car thefts, within the past six months.

    The police department conducted an analysis and found that most of these crimes occurred between 2:30 P.M. and 5:00 P.M. during the school week. Additionally, closer inspection of the juveniles who were taken into custody revealed that these juveniles had no adult supervision during these times and were not involved any school activities. The officer proposed that some type of legal activity be offered to occupy the "idle hands" of the juveniles who do not have adult supervision after school.

    The officer created PAL and petitioned City Hall to create a youth center where juveniles could spend their time during non-school hours under the supervision of adults.

    Based on this case scenario, estimate the total costs for implementing and maintaining the PAL program. Be sure that your choices are informed by the parameters of the program given below as Elements 1-5. Itemize at least ten expenses and justify each expense.

    Case Study Parameters: Creating the Police Athletic League

    Element 1: Define Target Population
    Element 2: Assessing Risk and Need
    Element 3: Defining Target Selection and Intake Procedures
    Element 4: Define Program Components
    Element 5: Write Job Descriptions of Staff, and Define the Skills and Training Required
    Estimated the total costs for implementing and maintaining the program considering Elements 1-5 listed above

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    Creating the PAL Program:
    Here are some guidelines for your assignments. I have given you an example to follow:

    i) Target population: All Teenager ages 12-18 years old living in the Fictionland area. They do not need to be enrolled in the local school.

    ii) Assessing Risk and Need: Surveys will be given to teachers, community leaders such as pastors, priests, community workers and teens attending the local high school. This survey will contain forced choice questions and short answer questions. ...

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