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    Community Policing Survey and Measure

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    A program has been created to reduce fear of crime among residents of a low-income area as part of Community-Oriented Policing grant that has been received from the federal government. Here is a brief explanation of the program:

    The grant is called "Community Empowerment" and one of its programs is to create Neighborhood Watch Programs (www.nnwi.org) throughout the entire community. The primary objective is to mobilize community residents to participate in crime-reduction measures. Another objective is to reduce fear of crime in the community. Members of Neighborhood Watch Units routinely patrol their neighborhoods in visible uniforms much like the well-know Guardian Angels Organization (www.guardianangels.org). In theory, the patrol efforts of the Neighborhood Watch Unit will deter crime and at the same time reassure law-abiding citizens that their well-being is a top priority, thus reducing fear of crime.

    First, create a self-administered survey questionnaire—a survey that participants complete without the assistance of a researcher—that contains at least three questions related to fear of crime. This survey will be administered to community residents prior to and after the program has been implemented.

    Second, create a measure that will not depend on survey methodology but instead will focus on an observational methodology. For example, the survey could measure the number of residents who use the local park before and after the program was implemented. This is a proxy measure of "fear" in that residents would not use the park if they feared victimization. Justify your choices.

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    Community Policing Survey & Measure

    In neighborhood A, a low-income neighborhood, the residents have decided to take action against the incidences and prevalence of crime from petty to serious. They are funding a 'neighborhood watch' organization through a community policing grant by the governments as to mobilize community members ...

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