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    Developing Web Design

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    How is web content developed? What are some of the popular design tools in use today? Can you identify a design tool used in the construction of the website MSN.com? How can the Internet be used to achieve a business objective?

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    Web content development:
    Web content is the information that the client read on a network site. It comprises of copy, descriptions and interactive essentials. Web content growth is the procedure of meeting in concert, symbols, restriction, optimizing and or else adapting satisfied resources particularly for magazine on the web.
    IML's (Information Markup Language) approach to content development:
    It is well structured and easy to navigate and read
    - It meets the user's information and learning needs
    - It exemplifies good use of the web medium

    Design Tools :
    Text Editor:

    If the addict is well-known with HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and additional web training languages, the user can use an easy text editor such as Notepad or WordPad to construct the website. This is the most fundamental web authoring instrument, and is free of charge.


    FrontPage is a web authoring plan. It enables the web page devise without having to be trained HTML. When the addict enters wording or insert descriptions onto a ...

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