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    Capability Maturity Model (CMM)

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    Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is intended for process improvement in software development. Propose a project management maturity model based on CMM. Your model must have five levels corresponding to the five CMM levels. The new project management maturity model is intended to improve IT project management processes and systems.

    For each level in your model, briefly state how you would identify the maturity level and what steps are necessary to move to the next level. For each level, specify requirements for relevant quality standards and quality management.

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    There is a growing recognition that software, like all the complex system, evolves over a period of time. Business and product requirements often change as the development proceeds, making a straight path to an end product unrealistic.

    The linear sequential model is designed for a straight-line development. In essence, the waterfall approach assumes that a complete system will be delivered after the linear sequence is completed. The prototype model is designed to assist the customer (or developer) in underlying requirements. In general, it not designed to deliver a production system. The evolutionary nature of the software is not considered in either of this classic software engineering.

    The main characteristics are as follows:
    ? A common process framework which is established by defining a small number of the framework activities that are applicable to the all the software projects, regardless of their size and complexity.
    ? Number of tasks sets-each a collection of the software engineering work tasks, project milestones, work products and quality assurance points-enable the framework activities to be adapted to the characteristics of the software projects and the requirements of the project teams.

    In the recent years, there has been a significant emphasis on the "process maturity". The software engineer has developed a comprehensive model predicted on a set of the software engineering capabilities that should be present as organization current state of the process maturity. The Software engineer uses an assessment that results in a five points grading scheme. The grading scheme determines the compliance with capability maturity Level ...

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