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Capability Maturity Model (CMM)

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Using the Library, Internet, and other resources, discuss the following concerning the Capability Maturity Model (CMM):

What are the benefits of using this model?
What are the stages of the CCM? What happens at each stage?
Research and relate how the CMM improved the software development processes of a particular company.

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What are the stages of the CCM? What happens at each stage?

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Benefits of CMM model
The capability maturity model identifies the practices that are useful in implementing the effective processes. Each of the organization identifies the key process in the software development life cycle and decides how to implement the process effectively.
The capability Maturity Model provides the guidance for the software organization, which will be helpful in gaining control of their processes for developing and maintaining the software and how to evolve a software engineering and management skills. The Capability maturity model was designed to help the software organizations in selecting the process strategies by determining the current process maturity and identifying the issued which is most critical in software quality and process management.
Some of important benefits, which can be achieved due to CMM, model adoption:
? Make the processes repeatable and makes the outcomes more predictable,
? Help in the improvement of the product quality and decrement of the network levels.
? Helpful in the generation of the return on investment.
? Helpful for the companies for improving in their product development processes, using the CMM model.
The Capability Maturity Model for software will provides a software process improvement that will continuously supports the long-term and short-term value. Long terms benefits using the Capability maturity Model will provide the benefits which is associated with the changes that is transitioning an organization from one level of maturity to the next. For the achievement of the success, goals can be targeted according to the CMM focus at each level.
CMM at the level 2 affects a Level of Maturity, which will be helpful for the organization in establishing effective project management within projects, which will result in meeting of the project commitments. This will be helpful for the organization in attaining the goals. Through the CMM model the organization will employs a common process framework for running the projects. This type ...

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