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Intelligence testing and cultural difference

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There are many skills necessary to live and adapt effectively in certain environments. Tests are sometimes constructed and then "local norms" are created for that area. Many parts of the world do actually have very similar IQ tests to those used in the United States and Canada. They are created and normed on their own continent.

For a test to contain valid statistics, the sample of children used to compare a child's IQ or achievement must be valid. Any issue can pop up to influence the validity of a test due to cultural differences. In a well-normed test, thousands and thousands of people of all ages, cultures, and regions of the country are given the newly developed test. But still, are these tests perfect?

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Perfect IQ tests:
i) There are no perfect IQ tests.
ii)Most good IQ tests have satisfactory validity- the measure the children from below to ...

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Considering cultural differences in children's IQ tests