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Intelligence Quotas and Culture

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How do intellectual quotas (IQ) benefit or oppress cultural groups?

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Some of the views as summarized in Cohen & Swerdlik (2005) are based on theories of intelligence (e.g., Binet, Wechsler, and Piaget). From the perspective of these theories, heritability plays a big role in determining the construct of intelligence (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2005). Intelligence quotas (IQs) are utilized to rate IQ tests that are described as, "A culturally and ideologically-rooted construct intended to predict success for outcomes in Western societies" (Douglas, 2009). Throughout history, researchers have used many methods to define intelligence. However, it is unfortunate that some researchers have misused scores on IQ tests in efforts to link intelligence with heritability.

From this perspective, IQ scores have been the sole criteria for measuring a person's intelligence, and tests are administered in ways ...

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This solution discusses how the current IQ tests administered may result in systemic discrimination between cultural groups due to their lack of consideration of cultural differences when constructing the test, and how this results in cultural oppression for some minority groups.