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Culture Fair Intelligence Tests

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In what ways is the Culture Fair Intelligence test successful at being culture fair? In what ways (if any) do you think it fails at being culture fair?

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Culture-fair tests, also called culture-free tests, are designed to assess intelligence (or other attributes) without relying on knowledge specific to any individual cultural group (Fraser, S., 1995). The Culture Fair Intelligence Test (CFIT) was designed by R. B. Cattell as a nonverbal test to measure fluid intelligence (Gf). Gf is defined as the understanding the complex nature of relationships which an individual perceives and responds to when they don't have known alternatives to answer complex issues already stored within the memory. It is "concerned with basic processes of reasoning and other mental activities that depend only minimally on learning and acculturation" (Carroll, 1993, p. 624). Therefore, tests of Gf have little informational content and require the ability to see complex relationships between simple elements ...

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Culture fair intelligence tests are examined.