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Special Needs Intelligence and Adaptive Behavior

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Why are intelligence and adaptive behavior used to measure intellectual disability? In your opinion, what other measures should be used?

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Intelligence and adaptive behavior is used to measure intellectual disabilities because these are given to see what a child can do compared to other children their age. ...

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How does one child compare to another relative to their age group? Because each child is different and some may be diagnosed with intellectual disabilities, intelligence tests may not the best choice to determine what the child actually understands and knows.

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Meanings of Intelligence and Adaptive Behavior

Discuss the meanings of intelligence and adaptive behavior with a teacher of students with intellectual disability (ID). Include discussion of the following questions:

1. What problems are associated with assessing students with ID?

2. What are the characteristics of the teacher's students with ID that result in eligibility for special education?

Assist with writing a summary and evaluation of the discussion in an essay.

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