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    Meanings of Intelligence and Adaptive Behavior

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    Discuss the meanings of intelligence and adaptive behavior with a teacher of students with intellectual disability (ID). Include discussion of the following questions:

    1. What problems are associated with assessing students with ID?

    2. What are the characteristics of the teacher's students with ID that result in eligibility for special education?

    Assist with writing a summary and evaluation of the discussion in an essay.

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    1) What problems are associated with assessing student with ID?

    For me, the problems associated with assessing ID students are many. While other special education students might just have academic difficulties, ID students compound that with various emotional, behavioral, and intellectual problems that make it almost impossible to assess in the traditional sense. Many ID students, for example, cannot do any academic work, so assigning grades is meaningless. Instead, we focus on various types of skill mastery. For example, we might assess some primary students who have behavioral problems by how long and effectively they can play with other children before becoming agitated. We would want to see that period of time increase in certain increments. For some students that have social disabilities, we might gauge their personal hygiene. Are they washing hands? Are they wearing deodorant? Do they keep their hair groomed? For ...

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