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    entrepreneur interested in launching a global business effort

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    I am trying to find out information about global entrepreneurship. I need to find a region in the world and select at least three countries for that region where could be best to invest as an entrepreneur, taking in consideration government, culture, economy, and others subject of interest that would lead to a great business in such countries.

    I also have a couple questions that I would like to get some help on:

    1. What advice would you offer an entrepreneur interested in launching a global business effort?

    2. What would you make out of this statement? "For each benefit gained by regulation, there is a cost."

    Thank you for your help.

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    Speaking about the Global entrepreneurship, the best region of investment may be the textiles sector which has now caused tectonic shifts in the Global business landscape. The end of country quotas on textile exports marks one of the most major events of the world economy and the winds of change are palpable. The Multi-Fiber Agreement (MFA), under which these quotas were organized, was put in place in 1974 to protect the textile industries in the US and Europe. The MFA expired in 1994, but the quotas were continued and managed by the World Trade Organization .This quotas expired at the beginning of the year 2005 and most of the Asian countries like China, India, and Indonesia reaped substantial benefits.
    Currently, global textile and apparel are just short of $ 500 billion a year, and with the expiry of quotas, total global exports are expected to cross $ ...

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