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Changes in intelligence testing

What do you see as the two most critical factors changing the face of intelligence testing? The Wechsler Scales have long been the kings of individual intelligence testing. To what do you attribute the success of these scales? Do you think that they will fare well in the changing climate of intelligence testing or do you think it will be replaced? Back up your ideas with examples.

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There are several factors that play a role in intelligence testing, environment, diet, exercise, heredity, birth order, education and culture. According to Wilson (2010) health, culture and education doesn't change an individual's intelligence, however they can influence how well a person uses their intelligence.

The face of intelligence testing is changing and two of the most critical factors that are causing these changes are education and culture. In a study of Japanese children residing in the United States, the Japanese students scored higher than other ethnic ...

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This solution is comprised of over 300 words with references on the changes taking place in regards to intelligence testing. Solution includes examples on different cultures of children and the results of their intelligent assessments in comparison to other children's of the same culture.