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    Misconceptions About Intelligence Tests and Testing

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    What are the facts and misconceptions about intelligence tests and testing?

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    1. What are the facts and misconceptions about intelligence tests and testing?

    Intelligence testing has generated much controversy in recent years. Some psychologists maintain that the development of intelligence tests is one of the most significant contributions of the field of psychology; other psychologists believe that intelligence tests have many serious shortcomings (see Zigler & Farber, 1985; Sternberg, 1991).

    First, we will look at seven misconceptions presented by Sattler (2001), as well as comments that more appropriate the truth about intelligence tests and testing:

    Misconception #1

    Intelligence tests measure innate intelligence

    Comment: IQs always are based on the individual's interactions with environment; they never measure innate intelligence exclusively.

    Misconception # 2

    IQs are fixed and immutable and never change.

    Comment: IQs change in the course of development, especially from birth through 5 years of age. Even after 5 years of age, significant changes in ...

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    This solution explains the major facts and misconceptions about intelligence tests and testing. Three sources are also provided.