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Is Pre-employment Cognitive Testing Fair?

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Cognitive ability tests are one of the best predictors of job performance, yet studies show they have substantial adverse impact against minorities.
1) Do you think it's fair to use such tests? 2) Why or why not? 3) Discuss guidelines you would implement.

Also, if you have seen the movie "Waiting for Superman", I would be interested in your thoughts regarding that movie and how our educational system could be impacting this ability to do well on cognitive ability tests.

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It has been long argued that cognitive testing may be unfair to minority job applicants. According to Farr (2003), a factor that contributes to differences between majority and minority cognitive test score means is stereotype threat (p. 179). He defined stereotype threat as the pressure that individuals may feel when they are at risk of confirming, or being seen by others as confirming, a negative stereotype about a group with which they identify (p.179).

Maertz, etal (2008) introduced the concept of self-efficacy as being positively related to work performance and therefore having direct correlation with cognitive testing. Self-efficacy is an individual's level of confidence that he or she can perform well on a certain task (p. 160). This ties the theory of self-efficacy to ...

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This solution explores the concept of cognitive testing for job applicants, and whether the process if fair for minority job seekers. Additionally, guidelines are suggested for putting the focus more on the skillset of the applicant, rather than their intelligence quotient.

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