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pre-employment tests

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Discuss the different types of pre-employment tests. Include the following:

-the overall value
-which tests are appropriate for which positions
-validity and reliability
-any legal and ethical considerations
-the role of confidentiality and privacy
-how these tests intertwine with job analysis information

Use the Library, Internet, and other resources to research your response.

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Types of Pre-employment Tests

Pre employment tests are the tools that are mostly used by organizations to screen out the inapplicable applicants and reduce hiring faults in concern to recruitment and selection. Pre-employment tests provide the most precise, objective and customizable evaluation of job applicants (Pre Employment Testing and Personality Assessment, 2003). In present a number of employment tests are available but the most ordinarily used pre employment tests are personality tests, skills tests and aptitude tests.

Personality tests endeavour to ascertain an applicant's personality features and this identifies that does these relate to the personality necessities of thriving performance in the definite job. This test measure one or more of five personality attributes: extroversion, emotional stability, ...

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