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    Pre employment Tests

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    Discuss the different types of preemployment tests. Include the following:
    ? the overall value
    ? which tests are appropriate for which positions
    ? validity and reliability
    ? any legal and ethical considerations
    ? the role of confidentiality and privacy
    ? how these tests intertwine with job analysis information

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    //Before writing about the different types of 'Pre-employment tests', we have to first understand about pre-employment test. So, firstly we will gather an understanding about these tests. //

    Pre-employment tests are the screening tools, used to identify behaviors related to work; for instance Positive Attitude towards Service, Accountability, Tolerance level towards Frustration, Openness to Diversity, Multi-tasking, Validity Check and Integrity Index. Pre-employment testing is becoming the norm in today's organization.

    //Above, we discussed about pre-employment tests. As per the directions, now, we will have a generalized idea about the different type of pre-employment tests; with their uses in particular situations.//

    Pre employment test includes following tests: ...

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