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role of testing and assessment with employment interview

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Please help is much needed right now!

I need few Paragraphs in regards to the following:

An explanation of the role of testing and assessment with employment interview. Then, describe how cognitive ability tests and personality tests that you might use in this setting and why.

Finally, explain some issues that are related to testing and some implications of tests and measurement in the selected setting.

Thank you.. So much Jenna Bachinski..... I know you said you will help me with this....

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The solution provides assistance, information and advise in putting together a an explanation on role of testing and assessment with employment interview.

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Employers are legally entitled to use personality and cognitive ability tests for the purposes of hiring new employees. They are not permitted to discriminate based on race, age, sex, religion, ethnicity, national origin, or disability. Personality tests enable the employer to determine whether or not the dispositions of an applicant coalesce with the job responsibilities and personnel already employed. Cognitive abilities tests are used to establish the intelligence of an applicant with regards to memory, creativity, reasoning, perception and other neurological skills. Specific content area cognitive tests can be ...

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