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Nike: Hiring Gets Off on the Right Foot on

Read Case Study 1: Nike: Hiring Gets Off on the Right Foot on

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Identify possible Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws or industry standard employment practices that may be in violation concerning this case study. Cite relevant supporting examples from your course materials in determining whether laws or
practices were violated or not (Course Outcome 1).

1. Identify five of the steps involved in the hiring process for Nike.
2. Explain five instances where Nike followed good Human Resource Management practices in the recruitment and hiring of employees.
3. Explain the purpose and value of testing potential candidates using examples from course materials to support your work.
4. Summarize if the hiring practices of Nike violate any Equal Employment.Opportunity (EEO) laws or industry standard employment practices; if yes or no.


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1. Identify five of the steps involved in the hiring process for Nike.

Nike uses computer assisted technology e.g., Aspen Tree product for interviewing and screening applicants. The process involved this process:

1. Placed an ad for the job positions

2. Used Interactive voice response (IVT) asking the applicant eight questions to make the first cut e.g. applicants who were not available for the start time and those without retail experiences.

3. Those applicants who were not screened out in #2 were contacted for an in store interview (e.g. computer based component and personal interview). First the applicant filled out a computer application form, which was used by the interviewer to prepare for the personal interview. First, the applicant was given computer-based interview in the store in batches every 45 minutes to identify those who had worked in customer service, had a love for sports and would make good customer representatives for Nike (e.g. three scenarios and the applicant was asked how they would respond). Printer in the next room scored the interviews and flagged areas and strengths that needed further probing.

4. The computer-based interview was followed by a personal behavioral interview e.g. some shorter than others and some applicants more in depth). Some were offered jobs on the spot,

5. Finally, for the rest of the potential candidates, Nike responded directly to each ...

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