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Human Resources Strategy in Recruitment

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I need help answering questions on human resource strategy:
1. How should a company go about recruiting high-quality and fully qualified potential employees?
2. Describe each of the six selection tools, as well as how and when these tools might be used to select from among several candidates for a job.

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1. Organizations seeking highly qualified candidates should begin monitoring external sources or websites. According to Dreher and Dougherty (2001) employers seek qualified employees by monitoring the external labor force. Every six months trends change frequently, Dreher and Dougherty notes that managerial decision-makers monitor university curriculum to identify the most current technical concepts. These decision-makers also evaluate the value, needs, and skill set of regional and international competitors. In the 21st century employees cast their net for employment by posting their professional bios and resume's' on professional social networking sites such as Branch Out, LinkedIn, etc. Organizations are in a prime position to monitor these websites in addition to popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter to evaluate an applicant's online persona. Over the past few years social networking aided in the termination or declination of many applicants and/or employees as a result of poor public image. Most organizations use assessment tools to screen applicants thus alleviating the potential for non-qualified candidates.

It is my belief that this measure of screening is essential to fulfilling an organizations professional objective, consequently this measure also contributes to high levels of unemployment because the organization may not have the patience to train new hires and require employees to enter the organizational infrastructure with superior knowledge of ...

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This problem solution evaluates a few of the most common employee selection tools that organizational firms rely on to hire potential candidates. This document assesses the three phases of interviews. Some theorists question the validity of testing candidates and unstructured interview questions. This document will explore this topic further and will integrate professional experiences, examples, and an external reference.