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    theories of intelligence

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    Intelligence Testing Article Analysis

    ? Locate at least 4 articles concerning intelligence testing - please use articles with authors as there are many excellent books and journal articles on this subject.

    ? Use your selected articles for a paper.

    o Analyze at least two theories of intelligence related to the content of your selected articles

    o Evaluate the effectiveness of intelligence testing.

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    Intelligence Testing

    So, in order to write a good paper about intelligence testing it is a good idea to find some relevant articles. You need at least four, I have attached three examples that I found using PSYCINFO. In case you haven't used a search engine like that before, it is likely available on the website of your school's library. Use PSYCINFO or another search engine (like EBSCOHOST) with terms like "intelligence", "IQ" , "testing", "validity", and/or "problems." You will find a lot of articles from peer-reviewed journals that will help you write your paper. As you find subjects or issues concerning intelligence that you find interesting you can include those in your search.

    You can also include different theories of intelligence in your search. Some examples are:

    Spearman's theory of general intelligence: Spearman talks about the g factor, or general intelligence. He noticed people who do well on aptitude tests tend to do well on all aptitude tests so he concluded that there is a general type of intelligence.

    Multiple intelligence theory: One proponent of this theory is ...

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    Various theories of intelligence are summarized. Four articles concerning intelligence testing are located.