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Academic and Everyday Intelligence

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I am looking for examples of Academic and everyday intelligence characteristics excluding people, professions, school subjects etc.

Thank you.

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This solution provides examples of Academic and everyday intelligence characteristics, as well as how these examples relate to theories of intelligence. One supporting article on theories of intelligence is also included for further research.

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Academic and Everyday Intelligence

1. Take out two sheets of paper. Label the first sheet "academic intelligence." In 5 minutes, list all of the behaviors that you can think of that are characteristic of academic intelligence.

2. After completing this list, put this sheet aside.

3. Label the second sheet "everyday intelligence" and spend 5 minutes listing behaviors that are characteristic of this type of intelligence. Include only behaviors on your list, not people, professions, school subjects, etc.

4. Do not go back to the previously completed list.

5. After completing the exercise, post some of the behaviors that you listed for each category on the Discussion Board.

6. How do the behaviors that you listed relate to those reported by Sternberg and his colleagues?

I need some ideas and suggestions for these questions. Thank you very much!

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