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Theories and Measurements of Intelligence Functioning

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Construct a brochure for a local elementary school. Consider your audience, as this information would likely be distributed during meetings where a child might have received an intelligence test.

•Provide a brief overview of at least two theories of intelligence related to the content of your selected articles to help your audience understand what intelligence testing accomplishes.
•Discuss methods of measuring intellectual functioning.
•Discuss how the concept of intelligence is different than academic achievement.

Include three credible, peer-reviewed references.

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This solution describes theories of intelligence and measurements of intellectual functioning.

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The Triarchic theory of intelligence is a theory of intelligence that supports the perspective that there are three essential components that comprise an individual's overall intelligence. The three components that comprise an individual's overall intelligence are practical intelligence, which is defined as an individual's continuously adapt to ever-changing environmental conditions and variables. The second component of this theoretical perspective is an individual's analytical intelligence, which is defined as an individual's ability to effectively solve problems. The third component of this theoretical perspective would be an individual's creative intelligence, which is defined as an individual's ability to utilize their current knowledge and skill sets as well as what they have learned from previous experience in solving current problems. This theory would help to provide information as to what intelligence testing accomplishes, you fact that this theory helps us to understand that there are differing aspects that must be measured in order to be able to obtain a valid assessment of an individual's intelligence level. Another important theory of intelligence is Howard ...

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