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    Explain the major points of the Sternberg, Spearman, and Gardner models of intelligence.

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    Explain the major points of the Sternberg, Spearman, and Gardner models of intelligence. Discuss specific similarities and differences from one model to another. Discuss which model appears to be the most comprehensive model of intellectual functioning and why. Defend your answer with data from the text and other sources, not personal opinion.

    ? Describe major perspectives of psychological science.
    ? Distinguish differing schools of psychology.
    ? Describe cognitive and psycho-social components of human development

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    1.Major points of R.J. Sternberg's "Triarchic theory of human intelligence":
    According to Sternberg's triarchic theory, intelligence comprises of three main aspects. They deal with the relation of intelligence to the internal world, to experience, and to the external world. According to his model, intelligence depends on three kinds of information processing components namely
    a)meta components having to do with executive processes used to plan, monitor, and evaluate problem solving,
    b)performance components having to do with lower order processes needed for implementing the commands of the metacomponents, and
    c)knowledge-acquisition components having to do with the processes used for learning how to solve the problems to begin with. All the three components are interdependent on one another. The three components inturn contribute to three relatively distinct aspects of intelligence namely analytic, creative, and practical abilities, which when put together forms the triarchic model of intelligence.
    Here, analytical abilities are used to analyze, evaluate, critique, or judge, as to whether an argument being made is logical in nature. In such a case, a meta component such as planning will be used analytically to devise a strategy for solving a problem.
    The creative abilities are used to create, invent, discover, and imagine in order to come up with new ideas, for instance, while conducting a scientific experiment. The meta component of planning ...