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Evidence to Support Multiple Intelligence

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- What is multiple intelligences (200 words)
- What are two points that support the foundation of multiple intelligences (200 words)

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(1) What is multiple intelligences (200 words)?

Throughout history researchers have used many methods to define intelligence. Multiple intelligence is one such definition that was advanced in the literature by Howard Gardener, who described intelligent activity based on several mental abilities. Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences identifies eight intelligent competencies that included: (a) verbal skills, (b) math skills, (c) spatial skills, (d) movement skills, (e) musical skills, (f) insights regarding oneself, (g) insights into others, and (h) natural ability. In other words, the theory described eight intelligences that was stated to be independent of one another. As examples, language intelligent is used based on one's reading ability. Spatial intelligence is ...

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This solution provides a general overview of multiple intelligence.

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