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    Emotional Intelligence: Justification

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    Emotional Intelligence as a discrete type of intelligence: What evidence is there, for and/or against EI as a separate intelligence and not just a personality domain? What evidence is there, for and/or against multiple, discrete intelligences as opposed to general intelligence or the "g" factor? In fact, are some people more emotionally smart than others?

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    First, as you offer evidence for EI as a separate intelligence and not just a personality domain, one article offers validation:

    Gragg, P. (2008). From Theory to Practice: Operation Emotional Intelligence. Legal Reference Services Quarterly, 27(2/3), 241-253.

    Gragg suggests that Emotional intelligence is "more than an abstract concept." The article shows how it is associated with strong social skills and using feelings to make sound decisions in life and work. It also focuses on how to manage moods.

    Another article proves that it is valid as a type of social intelligence:

    Koczwara, A., & Bullock, T. (2009). What is emotional intelligence at work?. General Practice Update, 2(5), 47-50.

    The authors insist that ...

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    Evidence from research and brief notes validate Emotional Intelligence.