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Fluid and Crystallized Theory of Intelligence and Impulse

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Impulsive behavior that leads to poor decision making can be better understood using theories of intelligence such as fluid and crystallized intelligence. Based on this theory, crystallized intelligence is important aspect of self-control and good decision making. Therefore, individuals can be taught self-control and good decision making by using computerized techniques or neurofeedback.

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Both fluid and crystallized theory of intelligence are needed in decision-making. Therefore this theory is relevant in considering how we conceptualize an individual who spends a large portion of their lives making poor decisions. The following are two reasons:

1)In general, crystallized intelligence is intelligence or knowledge acquired through education. Fluid intelligence, generally, is intelligence acquired through life experience or human experience. Therefore, both fluid and crystallized intelligence is needed to make decisions and problem solve. Having said this, there is research in neuro-psychology that show impulsivity that affects our executive ...

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How fluid and crystallized theory of intelligence is important in how a psychologist conceptualizes a person who has a history of impulsivity and poor decisions-making skills.