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Clinical needs of the elderly

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Analyze how personality changes throughout life from your chosen theoryâ??s perspective. (Social Cognitive Theory)
Be able to answer the following questions for study group:
What type of specialized training might counselors need to address the clinical needs of elderly clients?
What specific clinical skill sets may be needed?

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Counselors who wish to work with the elderly must have ample knowledge of their specific issues, experiences and concerns. Many times when the elderly are referred to for therapy they are dealing with various emotional, physical or psychological issues. One of the issues that the elderly seem to struggle with is depression. A recent research study has indicated that over 25% of the elderly report having symptoms of depression. The majority of the individuals cited in the research study have been hospitalized as a result of these symptoms. According to Erik Erikson's seven stages of human development, elderly people would find themselves dealing with the psychosocial crisis of ego integrity vs. despair. During this stage the individual takes stock of his/her life, accomplishments ...

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This solution discusses ways in which counselors may meet the clinical needs of elderly patients.