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    Social Learning Theory

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    Using social learning theory...

    -how personality changes throughout life from this theory's perspective.
    -What type of specialized training might counselors need to address the clinical needs of elderly clients?
    - What specific clinical skill sets may be needed?

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    (1) How personality changes throughout life from this theory's perspective

    Research shows that aging leads to a decline in physical, emotional and cognitive functioning. Research is presented to suggest that factors such as lifestyle, social, and psychological functions are linked with health in older adults. For example, emotional stability and personality change are related to changes in health outcomes throughout the life span. For instance, the most stable, self-controlled and responsible people tend to be healthier (Santrock, 2006). From the perspective of Social Learning Theory, the social effects of factors such as: (a) lifestyle changes, (b) chronic illness, (c) physical and mental health experiences and (d) ultimate longevity can influence personality(Kirkwood, 2002 ad cited in Laidlaw & Pachana, 2009). The Social learning Theory (Rotter, 1954, 196) is based upon the notion that personality represents an interaction of the individual within ...

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    This solution discusses personality changes during the lifespan,