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    Academic and everyday intelligence - examples

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    What is academic intelligence? Define everyday intelligence and the characteristics.

    Also give examples and citations.

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    Discussion of nonacademic and academic intelligences:

    "Practical, social, emotional, intrapersonal, and interpersonal intelligence (for now referred to as nonacademicintelligences) share many similarities, including that individuals high in these abilities have extensive declarative and procedural knowledge (e.g., knowing what is happening and what to do or say in familiar situations; Cantor & Harlow, 1994; Cantor & Kihlstrom, 1987) that they can retrieve and apply flexibly (e.g., entertaining different hypotheses about what is going on and considering different options about what to do in unfamiliar or novel situations, one aspect of construal processes discussed by Cantor, and Harlow, 1994) as they define and solve problems for which no one correct ...

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