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Catell's and Binet's conception of mental tests

**Compare and contrast the approaches of Catell's and Binet's conception of mental tests and abilities. Give examples.

**In considering the Gestalt explanations of Learning, Productive Thinking, and Memory, apply these concepts to your own cognitive process and describe.

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In the first place, as you compare and contrast the two theorists, I feel that Catell's conception of mental tests and abilities embodied two clusters of mental abilities: fluid and crystallized intelligence. For example, he believed that fluid reflects primary reasonability abilities and skills in spatial and visual imagery, rote memory, and the ability to notice visual details; whereas crystallized involves acquired knowledge such as reasoning and verbal skills (cwx.prenhall.com/bookbind/pubbooks/morris5/chapter8/... ). For him, education can ignite and increase crystallized intelligence, but he did not see it as influential upon fluid intelligence.

On the other hand, I feel that Binet deemed intelligence as a sort of compilation of "higher-order mental abilities loosely related to one another" (www.howiefine.com/Foundations/...%20Mental%20Ability.pdf). Interestingly, he did not rank ...

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Catell's and Binet's conceptions of mental tests and abilities are examined using research to validate.