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    Organizational Testing and Assessment for Adolescents

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    Please discuss the following:

    When performing psychological test and assessment of adolescents how would the following questions apply?
    What is the role of assessment in education?
    What is the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children?
    What are Raven's Progressive Matrices?
    What are general achievement tests?
    Which tests are best used for adolescents? Why?

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    1) What is the role of assessment in education?

    Intelligence tests are conceived in terms of mental structures. For example, tests are developed to shed light on individual and/or group processes based on a person's intelligence quota (mental age divided by chronological age). David Wechsler developed a series of intelligence tests to assess persons from preschool to adulthood (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2002. The Educational guidelines for assessment test are delineated in the "Standards for educational and psychological testing guidelines" (AERA, 1999) manual. The guidelines are focused on two specific objectives: (a) the description of the tests, and, (b) the qualification and/or the responsibilities of the test user. Incorporated in the educational standards is the belief that the responsible use of educational tests by school personnel can improve the opportunities for the development of learning of all children" (p. 144).

    *AERA Assessment Standards (paraphrased)

    13.1--Educational testing programs are mandated by school districts, states or other governing authorities in that the way that it is intended
    13.2-- tests cannot be used for multiple purposes
    13.3—there must be appropriate interpretation of tests
    13 .4—Local norms should include all groups
    13.5-testtakers must be informed of the domains in which they will be tested
    13-6—students who must master skills, or receive a diploma must be given the opportunity to take equivalent test
    13.7—special needs assessment may require more comprehensive evaluation, and must be provided
    13.8-when different scores on different tests are used to make a decision, the tests must be standardized, appropriated and normed on the group that is tested
    13.9—validity of test scores in which students will be placed for promotion must be presented with evidence as to whether ...

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    This solution discusses testing and assessment using the Wechsler Intelligence Scales.