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Beck Scales vs The Rorschach Test

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I'm looking for Pros and Cons on the "Beck scales vs The Rorschach Test so I can expand my project. Thoughts and Views welcome.

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The Rorschach Inkblot Test developed by Hermann Rorschach in 1921 is a projective psychological test consisting of 10 inkblots printed on ten cards, five black and white and five in color. Rorschach used the inkblots in his original studies, and in use with his patients. Some positive aspects of the Rorschach have been noted in the literature. Blasczy -Schiep, Kazen, Kuhl, & Grygielski (2011) investigated suicidal behaviors among adolescents and young adults to test an index composed of Rorschach test responses related to an increased risk of suicide. The sample group of adolescents with suicidal ideation (n = 30); a group with para-suicidal behavior (n = 30); a group with near-lethal suicide attempts (n = 26); and a control group (n = 30). According to Blasczy-Schiep et al, responses to the Rorschach test yielded 6 potential indicators of suicidal behavior.

In addition, Rorschach scores revealed indicators of the people who had committed serious suicide attempts. The findings of the study showed that the Rorschach Suicidal Index ...

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This abstract provides the pros and cons of the Rorschach Inkblot test and the Beck Depression inventory.

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