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    Psychological Testing and Assessments

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    I am requesting help with the following questions for my research.

    What resources are available to assist counselors in selecting psychological tests and/or assessments?

    What are four to five important issues a counselor should consider when selecting a psychological test for a client?

    How can a counselor determine that a specific test is the appropriate test for a client?

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    First, what is the clinical reason for referral? Is this a diagnosis referral or organic reason? Is this a child, geriatric patient, adult, result of a traumatic brain injury? If you have a patient that is a TBI patient, then, you will probably choose the Bender Gestalt battery to assess neurocognitive functioning, which would rule out and provide differential diagnostic impressions. So, you really need to know the referral reason, purpose of the referral, and who is making the referral, and if there is family present, are you going to collect collateral data in your interviewing process?

    Areas to consider are the following:
    1. Age of the patient
    2. Culture or ethnicity
    3. Reading/Writing ability/Education
    4. Testing Measure or Metric,
    5. Objective vs. Projective Tests (Will get into this below as to reliability and Validity)
    6. Interview Process (is there family to provide additional information to corroborate data/medical information/history?)

    These respective tests can be very specialized, such as the tests for auditory processing, differential diagnosing, neurocognitive disorders, or fictitious symptoms. With that noted, remember, psychological tests fall into several ...

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