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    5 Characteristics of Intelligence

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    List of 5 characteristics of intelligence:

    - well read

    - knowledgeable in general

    - strong math skills

    - musically inclined

    - culturally informed

    I chose to go with the theory postulated by Cattell and Horn. This theory concerns crystallized and fluid intelligence. â??The abilities that make up crystallized intelligence (symbolized Gc) include acquired skills and knowledge that are dependent on exposure to a particular culture as well as on formal and informal education (vocabulary, for example). Retrieval of information and application of general knowledge are conceived of as elements of crystallized intelligence. The abilities that make up fluid intelligence (symbolized Gf) are nonverbal, relatively culture-free, and independent of specific instruction (such as memory for digits)â? (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2010). I feel like the examples given within the definition of crystallized and fluid intelligence apply to my list of items since I feel that mathematical skills and cultural awareness are signs of intelligence.

    The text goes on to explain that others factors were added to the theory over the years. â??â?¦Visual processing (Gv), auditory processing (Ga), quantitative processing (Gq), speed of processing (Gs), facility with reading and writing (Grw), short-term memory (Gsm), and long-term storage and retrieval (Glr). According to Horn (1989; Horn & Hofer, 1992), some of the abilities (such as Gv) are vulnerable abilities in that they decline with age and tend not to return to preinjury levels following brain damage. Others of these abilities (such as Gq) are maintained abilities; they tend not to decline with age and may return to preinjury levels following brain damageâ? (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2010).

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