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Emotional Intelligence and Successful Leadership

What role does emotional intelligence play in successful leadership? How can we measure emotional intelligence?

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Leadership is defined as the ability to influence a group towards achievement of goal.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive and constructively act on both one's own emotions and the feelings of others.

Following characteristics are exhibited persons who are Emotionally Intelligent and how these characteristics are related to leadership:
1. Self Awareness- exhibited by self confidence and realistic self assessment. The Greater the self awareness greater is one agile and has sharper reflexes to situations and also control of situation. He is in position to judge situation more objectively being aware of self weaknesses and biases. These are qualities which a leader requires to be successful.
2. Self Management- ability to manage self under all circumstances also exhibited by trustworthiness and integrity comfort with ambiguity and openness to change. The qualities are must for a successful leader to carry along people and lead them successfully. Deal effectively with all types of situation and fast adapt to situations.
3. Self Motivation- strong drive to achieve success, optimism and high organizational ...

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The solution discusses the role emotional intelligence plays in successful leadership. How emotional intelligence is measured in analyzed.