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    Testing Assessment and Measurement : Education

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    Give a description of a significant ethical, legal, and socio-cultural fact on each one relating to tests and measurement in counseling and explain why they are significant?

    Testing and Measurements: Standardized testing is necessary to make sure that all students are applying to college and graduate school programs on merit. But, in case of students whose native language is not that in which the test is listed and they had not received all their prior education in that language, there could be a fair chance that they won't be able to perform as well on these tests, as their counterparts who are native English speakers.

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    Ethical: No student or applicant should have to face the issue of unfair scoring as well as quota based decisions in lieu of their academic track record and performance on the standardized tests. ...

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    Testing and Measurements ethical, legal, and socio-cultural aspects are examined.