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IQ testing: tool with limits

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intelligence testing; The examination of the bias nature of IQ testing.
Is the current IQ testing the best way?
What are some of the current challenges of the intelligence testing/ IQ testing?
What are some alternative we can use to test intelligence and what are the future directions of intelligence testing or IQ testing?

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The inherent limitations of IQ testing require other forms of assessment and considerations for any level of decreased intellectual functioning.

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Impaired intellectual functioning (e.g., learning, reasoning, problem-solving, abstract thinking, and judgment) is a required component in the diagnosis of Intellectual disability, which is partially ascertained by IQ testing. An IQ score that is two standard deviations or more below the mean (usually <70) indicates significant intellectual impairment (1). As a result of inherent limitations, The IQ score is no longer used to classify ID severity or solely drive clinical or legal decision-making. The IQ measurement may be limited or inaccurate in estimating a child's actual intellectual functioning. A detailed, comprehensive profile is frequently more useful than a single quantitative IQ score and generates a better description of individual strengths, weaknesses, limitations, and needs for support. From a diagnostic standpoint, intellectual disability requires both intellectual and adaptive deficits. Therefore, a child who lacks ...

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