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    Culture, Diversity, and Multiculturalism

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    The very nature of global business requires leaders to develop cultural intelligence and understand the importance of multiculturalism and diversity in a global business environment.

    Define the concepts of cultural intelligence, multiculturalism, and diversity, and analyze how they contribute to effective global leadership.

    -Explain the meaning of the terms cultural intelligence, multiculturalism, and diversity from a global leadership perspective.

    -Analyze the importance of these concepts or competencies in effective global leadership. Compare the ways different countries and cultures conduct business. Describe the demographics of today's workforce. Provide examples (at least two) of situations in which misunderstandings related to culture could occur.

    -Describe strategies for improving cultural intelligence and expanding comprehension of multiculturalism and diversity.

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    Step 1
    From the perspective of global leadership cultural intelligence means the capability of the leader to relate and work effectively across cultures. A culturally intelligent global leader can successfully engage with people of different cultures, has a cultural understanding of others, and has the ability to carry out intercultural communication (a). The global leader must have insights, competencies, attitudes, and behaviors that enable him to assess intercultural situations accurately to engage with people of different cultures around you.
    From the perspective of global leadership multi-culturizm is the support for the presence of several distinct cultural or ethnic groups within his organization(c). The global leader can bring together multiple groups of cultures within his organization, enrich the organization with their different perspectives, and realize synergies that give his organization competitive advantage in global business. From the point of view of a global leader multi-culturizm means bringing together various ethnic groups in collaboration without having to sacrifice their identities (d). The global leader encourages pluralism.
    From the perspective of a global leader diversity means acceptance and respect for each individual. The global leader identified that each individual is unique and recognizes their individual differences. These differences can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual ...

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