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    Utilizing Diversity in the Workplace

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    What strategies could an organization use to utilize diversity? Describe the steps that can be taken as a manager to ensure that work teams are diverse, and describe how to manage diversity on an ongoing basis.

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    What strategies could an organization use to utilize diversity?

    Diversity brings about many benefits such as:
    • Better way to adapt to different ideas and changes. People from different cultures and walks of life bring new ideas and different way of doing things. This opens up many ideas and new concepts.
    • Greater expansion of service. People of different backgrounds bring new and a wide variety of skills, languages, and cultural understanding to the organization which can lead to wider globalization. (Greenberg, 2004)

    Because of these benefits, some of the strategies or methods to utilize diversity are as follows.
    Building Organizational Commitment, which is developed through the activities of:
    • Justice & support
    • Job security
    • Organizational comprehension
    • Trusting employees
    Organizational commitment is critical to any organization's success since it will enhance retention of valued, trained personnel.
    "Organizational commitment refers to the employee's emotional attachment to, identification with, and involvement in a particular organization" (McShane, 2005, p. 126).

    Multiculturalism by understanding one of the theories of multiculturalism which is multiculturalism in the North American Mainstream
    The company I work in has sites all across North America and some sites in different countries around the world. Employees move around different sites for the projects they are working on. This allows them to understand different cultures and appreciate the differences and similarities ...

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    Acceptance of diversity is a must in the workplace today because of globalization and people of different cultural backgrounds working all over the world. Organizations having a firm diversity plan in place at work and by keeping the employees involved in the creation of that plan will help ensure a more accepting, well communicating, and a more aware workforce.