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Team Perceptions: Workforce Diversity

The case scenario:

The diversity in our work forces is at an all time high.
How well do you understand your work team perceptions? Perceptions are our truths based on what we have learned or accepted as truth from our experiences and knowledge base.

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Today's workforce is a meld of several generations, along with people from all over the world - either directly or indirectly. Employees working in one country may interact with counterparts from other countries. The internet has definitely made it possible for employers to utilize resources virtually from just about any geographic locale. Being from the "30-something" generation, my perceptions of the "melting pot" that is most work environments is that it is normal. ...

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This solution is about 300 words and addresses team perceptions in the workforce. Individual knowledge and experience, along with how we view diversity in the workplace, will impact how we view diversity in a team environment.