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    Human Factors in Technology - Support Team

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    Based on articles you locate using the University Library, the Internet, magazine, etc., please explain what it takes to build an effective technology support team. Please be detailed and address such issues as personalities and how they can affect relationships within and without the technical staff.

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    A team is a group of people working actively together to achieve a common purpose for which they are all accountable (Schermehorn, 2005, G-12). Teams have always been a key factor responsible for the development of any organization, be it a business organization or be it a trust or a charitable organization or be it an essential service like hospitals and education or be it the functioning of governments. A team is put up with the objective of attaining a certain specified goal. The philosophy of a team is that the team will give a better output than the each of the team members working as individuals as collectively they can overcome all the weaknesses inherent in an individual. The team also serves an important function in that it helps the team member satisfy his social needs. Maslow has defined social needs as one of the most important needs which man looks to satisfy.

    Steps of Building an effective technology support team
    The technical workforce comprise core component of developing the solutions across boundaries. They have to treated as more of "partners" and work as a part of extremely high-powered, self sufficient teams, empowered to take their own decisions. "Flat, self-managing teams" will be the units of the future since empowerment and decision authority must be with the people who are closest to the product and the customers. Modern technologies like Intranet/Internet/B2E website is now used to increase operational efficiency by providing employees access to policies, procedures, benefits through Intranets. The B2E portal is designed to include not only everything that an employee might hope to find on an intranet (such as a corporate directory, or customer support information), but also any personal information and links that the employee might want (such as stocks information, or even games). The intention is to increase not only efficiency, but also employee satisfaction and a sense of community within the organization (indiainfoline).

    It has three distinguishing characteristics:
    - A single point of entry: one URL for everyone within an organization.
    - A mixture of organization-specific and employee-defined components.
    - The ...

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    This response discusses effective technological support teams. It addresses issues in personalities and their impact on team dynamics.