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Personnel in Technology

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Discuss the requirements for an effective technology support team.

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This solution discusses the requirements for building an effective technology support team.

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Building an Effective Technology Support Team

Aspects of Outsourcing

Technology is the central hub in almost every organization. It affects business in a positive manner and promotes advancement of processes in order to allow the organization to compete and progress. It has become critical for any business to require an effective technology support team.

Organizational Structure

To have an effective technology support team, there needs to be a strong organizational structure with a Team Leader at the helm. This must be someone who is not only perceptive but needs to be a person who can manage others in the team. The team should be composed of team members who each bring to the table their individual talents and abilities.

Ideally, the team members, including the team leader, should possess the following characteristics:
- Shared ideas, goals, and beliefs
- Possess keen communication skills
- Be able to collaborate with each other as a team
- Be aware of each other's talents and abilities
- Recognizing each member's contribution to the project and accomplishments
- Celebrating the successes
- Rewarding each other for good team behavior

Planning the First Class Team
Team building involves not only the skills of the team members and the team leader, but also the personalities of both. There are many factors that will impact on the team. Some of them are as follows:
- Team strengths
- Team personalities
- Project budgets
- Assignments
- Communication strategies
- Meetings and events
- Rewards

The Culture of the Team
The most important aspect of a team's functionality is the culture of the team. This entails the ...

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