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    High technology personnel, rapid response support, structure

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    Apple Computers Inc.

    1. What is Apple's special characteristics of high-technology personnel?

    2. What is Apple's Technological support rapid response to business demands?

    3. What is Apple's organizational structure?

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    Human Factors in Technology

    Apple's Special Characteristics of High-Technology Personnel

    Apple Computer, Inc. plans, fabricates and markets personal computers, software and peripherals, focusing on lower-cost, exclusively contrived computers like iMAC and Power Macintosh models (Apple Computers Inc, 2010). Major factor responsible for company's growth is its high-technology personnel.

    The company's high-tech employees are highly experienced in skilled and due to this only it has become possible for the company to attain this immense growth and position. The company's high-tech personal believes in creative production along with a technology-rich learning environment. For enabling high-tech products they make use of various technology tools. They thoroughly understand the needs of present customers and then try to develop the product according to their needs and ease.

    They know that for both professionals and consumers the personal computer has become the essence of an developing digital lifestyle and try to integrate and heighten the value of advanced digital devices like the Company's iPods, digital video ...

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    High technology personnel, rapid response support and structure is examined for Apple Computers Inc.