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explanations of organizational structure

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Go online to http://www.answers.com/topic/organizational-structure and explain what you found (pro and con) as it relates to

Chapter 3 Hall, R., & Tolbert, P. (2009). Organizations: Structures, Processes, and Outcomes. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc.

The question:
We have considered a series of explanations of organizational structure. These
have ranged from those emphasizing more material factors, such as size and
technology, to those focused on more ideational factors, such as internal and
external cultural influences. Which is the correct explanation? It should be obvi-
ous by now that neither "all of the above"nor "none of the above"is the appro-
priate answer. The explanations of structure must be considered in combination.

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The professor wants to know if the article in answers.com relating to 'small businesses organizational structure" is in accordance to the factors that explain organizational structure mentions in Chapter 3.

There are three explanations of organizational structure mentioned in the given chapter. These are size, technology and cultural influence (external and internal).

Now let us consider the factors enumerated in the "small businesses organizational structure". The small business should consider:

"Relative strengths and weaknesses of various organizational forms": This is not directly related size, technology, or culture and so is a con.

Legal advantages and disadvantages of organizational structure options: This again is not directly related to size, technology, or culture and so is a con.

Advantages and drawbacks of ...

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