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Organizational Theory Taxonomy

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Can you provide an example of a taxonomy table of at least 10 theories, approaches, or models that incorporates both germinal and current organizational research.

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Organizational theory taxonomy is examined. The germinal and current organizational research is determined.

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The classic organizational theories

Bureaucratic theory (Weber)
This theory is based on the nature of the organization as a structure with each person having a specialization. The organization is predictable, rational, and democratic because there is a hierarchical system in place to solve problems and keep the structure stable.

Administrative theory (Fayo)
Division of work is through specialization. There is discipline and a hierarchical system of authority and responsibility. Command, direction, and personal interest are common throughout the organization. Personal interests are subordinate to the organizational interests. The theory also explains remuneration of personnel based on various factors such as time, job, piece rates, bonuses, and profit sharing. It includes non-financial rewards. Centralization means management should use a blend of both centralization and de-centralization of authority and decision-making based on company needs. Scalar chain If two members ...

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