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    The purpose of this activity is to develop a research taxonomy related to the Strategic Management process. With this assignment, you are to investigate scholarly theories related to Strategic Management. You are encouraged to utilize the Research Database found in the CSU Online Library . This database will allow you to quickly search through thousands of journal articles.
    The object of your taxonomy is to identify at least ten separate and distinct theories related to our topic. With those theories in hand, you are to develop an annotated bibliography that includes the following components:
    Summarize the theory with a brief overview of the import concepts and components.
    Analyze how the theory applies to the topic of strategic management.
    Assess how each separate theory you provide builds upon or conflicts with other theories you have provided in your taxonomy,.
    Final taxonomy should include article link or reference, follow APA guidelines, and be no more than five pages in length.

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    //In order to write a paper like this, we have to first, find suitable articles related to Strategic Management process. In this paper, we have to develop a research taxonomy related to the Strategic Management process. Through this paper, we identify ten separate and distinct theories related to this topic. The first article in this paper deals with the theory of "Corporate Entrepreneurship". //

    Corporate Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management

    The theory of corporate entrepreneurship and strategic management makes three significant propositions. First, in large and complex organizations, strategic management is imperative for any entrepreneur work (Burgelman, 1983). Companies require both variety and order to remain viable in the market. And this variety or diversity is attainable only through strategic initiatives taken by the operations. Secondly, the role of middle level managers is much crucial in this regard, as they chalk out the strategic plans by combining the capabilities available in the operations, as well as, managing initiatives for any new business proposal. Third, the top management does not engage in planning, but concentrates on aligning the strategic planning with the vision of the firm for the entrepreneur activities (Burgelman, 1983). They allow the middle managerial level to re-define the administrative framework.

    //The second article taken for the paper considers the deterministic approach of strategy management. Here, we first, summarize the theory and describe how it applies to the topic of strategic management.//

    Determinism and Strategy Management

    The deterministic approach of strategy management states that a right combination of organizational design coupled with definite environmental factor, results in superior performance. It advocates embracing an open-system approach, which identifies one best way of dealing with a problem, which is specific to a circumstance (Bourgeois, 1984). This school of thought professes that the human and organizational limitations, which restrict the rational capabilities of personnel ultimately, push the managers towards the role of arbiter or reactor. They end up maneuvering the situations, in order to achieve the desired goal. The managerial decision-making choices have been identified to be influenced by deterministic forces like technical, environmental and human which leave the management with not more than a computational work. It is noted that all these factors take away the shine from the strategic management as an academic subject that may hamper the growth of strategic management as a discipline (Bourgeois, 1984). Thus, this theory relegates strategic management as not more than a reactive- adaptive methodology.

    // The organizational theory of strategic management is an important theory relating to strategic management. In this passage, we now, focus on this theory and summarize, how it is related to the strategic management.//

    Application of Strategic Management in an Enacted World

    Whether to consider environment as an objective or perceptual phenomena is a raging debate in the organizational theory of strategic management. Strategic management from the perspective of the enacted world presents another view that environment is formulated through social structure and communicative processes of the organized factors (Smircich & Stubbart, 1985). Moreover, this theory tries to analyze the implication of this process on the strategic management process. According to maximum held view upon strategic management, it is perceived that organization exists in an open system, which lies within a given environment. The function of managers is limited to maintaining congruence between the environmental factors, as well as, the organizational needs. Differing from this point of view, the new theory suggests that organization is a part of a socially constructed unit, where members enact their environments through social interaction (Smircich & Stubbart, 1985). The role of strategic management as per this theory is to maintain a system of shared meaning for achieving an organized action.

    // Balance Score Card is an important tool for the evaluation in the strategic management process. Many organizations use this tool to set targets and review their performance. The third article taken for this study researches the application of balance score card in Strategic management process.//

    Application of Balanced Score Card in Strategic Management

    Balance Scorecard is deemed as an important management tool for attaining organizational effectiveness. Over the last ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1817 words with references and annotated bibliography.