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    The Role of Taxonomies in Student Learning

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    (1) Which taxonomy most closely aligns with the Constructivism/Cognitive instructional method of teaching?
    (2) How does contemporary research from the fields of cognitive psychology and neuroscience warrant revised or new taxonomies?

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    (1) The term taxonomy is primarily used in the realm of biology when it comes to the classification of organisms, however it can be used in many other domains as categories of ideas (Orey, 2013). Based on the research Bloom taxonomy is considered as the most- well known in the field of education, and Krathwohl taxonomy categorizes the levels and typed of learning for Affective domains. Two well-known psychologists based their theories on the constructivist view—Paget and Vygotsky. According to Orey, Piaget's constructivism is based on his a learning theory in which he describe three mechanisms for learning: (a) assimilation, (b) accommodation, and (c) equilibration. According to his theory, what is learned is organized according to schemas reflecting mental representations of something tangible or intangible that can be applied to an object, situation, or event. When new schemas are developed, assimilation begins.

    Assimilation refers to the stage in which new knowledge is processed and added to previously existing schemas. Accommodation is an adaptation process that occurs because the existing schemas are insufficient to incorporate new information. Equilibration is created when assimilation and accommodation reach a balance in the mental structures (Orey, 2010). While Piaget taxonomy was focused on education, Vygotsky's constructivism was based on the fundamental role of social interaction in the development of cognition. However, according to Orey (2010) the most well-known taxonomy for education is Bloom's taxonomy in which the cognitive domain that is divided into six sequential levels of ...

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    This solution is focused on taxonomies aligned with the constructivist/cognitive instructional method of teaching.