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    Educational Taxonomies

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    Discuss the scope of educational taxonomies developed by Bloom, Krathwohl, and evaluate their relevance to contemporary curriculum design. Do you think it is significant to curriculum planning and design?

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    Educational taxonomies developed by Bloom's in 1956 and the newer version constructed by a student of Bloom's (Anderson) and his original partner Krathwohl in 2000 seek to define the functions of thought, coming to know, or cognition. Therefore, different stages are created in these models to illustrate the different levels of difficulty when representative in the classification of these different taxonomy models. The classifications in the original model and the updated model include Bloom's 1956 taxonomy knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. The scope of these classifications are that a person must seek the knowledge to learn new information, possess the ability to comprehend this knowledge, have the ...

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    The expert discusses the scope of educational taxonomies developed by Bloom and Krathwohl. Their relevance to contemporary curriculum design is evaluated.